A cloud-based timeslot management application for your organisation that reduces overall warehouse costs through efficient planning

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Better insight of arriving trucks allows for better staff planning. The (un)loading can be prepared and therefore be done faster, which increases the capacity.

Improve planning

Improve time planning

Analyzing big data allows for optimized timeslots. Get a better insight of the amount of time needed to (un)load trucks and determine the perfect length for timeslots.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Planning trucks reduces waiting times, improves the staff's capacity and allows for better management.

4.5M+Bookings per year
30k+Users per day

The Power of DCT - Worldwide

Worldwide, DCT is a leader in the field of boosting warehouse performance and reducing costs.

  • DCT software is used in more than 30+ countries to make processes run better, making it the world's leading cloud-based timeslot management software.
  • Yearly, DCT easily processes about 4.5M bookings, making it one of the most trustworthy software out there.
  • More than 300 warehouses have already preceded you in using DCT. They managed to achieve cost savings and improve their processes.
  • DCT's software helps more than 30,000 users plan, organize and run processes each day without any issues. Would you like to be one of them?

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Some of the biggest users of DCT

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What DCT can do for you

DCT is designed to adequately solve problems around a warehouse, therefore ensuring cost reduction. Some of DCT's USP's are:

  • Reduce waiting times
  • Improve planning, for both warehouses and transporters. Trucks arrive at scheduled times, which allows for optimal resource planning
  • Interfaces to third-party systems. Connect DCT to other software and hardware to further optimise your processes
  • Complete control over warehouse configuration
  • Spreading of workload
  • Optimise processing times
  • Optimal use of resources

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Thousands of top transport companies use DCT. Look at how our customers value us.

  • Client picture
    Our team values the speed and user friendliness with which DCT enables us to create timeslots. We save so much time when we are collaborating with other customers and warehouses across different continents.

    Gäde B.V. Bas Gäde

  • Logo Euro-Rijn XL Logistics Breda B.V.
    Life before DCT was very different - we were constantly solving problems, be it congestion issues or staff planning issues. But since we started using DCT, our business has approached the issues in a more professional manner. This application has solved complex issues as well as day-to-day issues. Because of DCT, it is possible to work so much more efficiently than before.

    Euro-Rijn XL Logistics Breda B.V. Michael Ketting

  • Logo Van Loon Group
    Logo Van Loon Group
    DCT is a very user-friendly timeslot management system that is used by all our warehouses. It is perceived as very positive that customization is not necessary because the system already meets all our requirements. The consultants are readily available if we have any questions about DCT, where they always respond with a suitable solution at very short notice.

    Van Loon Group Tom van Wijngaarde

  • Logo Dobbe Transport B.V.
    Especially the flexibility of the system is very much appreciated. Adjusting time blocks, number of gates and moving/copying bookings are experienced as very pleasant.

    Dobbe Transport B.V. Rick Hoogenboom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do I have to pay per booking in DCT or do I have to pay a fixed price? Toggle Answer

    You only pay a low fixed price per warehouse per year for the use of DCT. If you need a timeslot management system for multiple warehouses, please contact us for a tailor-made proposal.

  • Can I adapt the DCT functionality to my own needs or link it to my own (back) office systems? Toggle Answer

    Yes, DCT can be customized to individual needs for a fee. Third party systems can easily be connected to exchange data via optionally available REST APIs. Contact us for the available options.

  • How long does it take for DCT to be operational? Toggle Answer

    A DCT environment can be set up within one working day. We configure the environment together with you to ensure that the application meets your requirements and needs. An important thing to note is that this will be free of charge.

  • How do I or my carriers safely use DCT? Toggle Answer

    DCT is accessible through a secure connection (HTTPS) via a central portal (customer.dctransportplanner.com) or one of your own URL’s. This HTTPS connection is used worldwide by, for example, banks, governments and security services. The connection is encrypted via a crypto key and uses an SSL certificate from a trusted and internationally recognized certification authority (CA).

  • What does the DCT infrastructure consist of? Toggle Answer

    DCT's infrastructure includes web servers, database systems and network components. These are redundant with automatic failover. Therefore, everything is double or even triple secured. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, a backup system is automatically unnoticeably activated. This enables us to guarantee an availability of DCT of > 99.9%.

  • How do you perform maintenance on DCT? Toggle Answer

    DCT is constantly being expanded and updated. These updates take place during the night, as this will minimize the inconvenience. We always announce major maintenance in advance. Therefore, the stability and reliability of our business software are not compromised.

  • Portret Gerard Piret

    Gerard Piret

    Business consultant

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    Otto de Klerk BSc

    Business consultant

  • Portret Lindsay Currie

    Lindsay Currie MSc

    Business consultant

  • Portret Thomas van Vliet

    Thomas van Vliet BSc

    Business consultant

  • Portret Tim Dallau

    Tim Dallau

    Junior business consultant

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